Drumming Accessories

Drumming Accessories

Pipe Band Plugs ® Hearing Protection

Pipe Band Plugs® provide high-quality hearing protection reducing noise levels and harmful freque..

10,00€ H.T : 10,00€

R.G. Hardie Drum Tuning Aid

The R.G. Hardie Drum Tuning Aid has been designed to help get your snare drum head level. ..

12,50€ H.T : 12,50€

Andante Drum Key

5mm drum key for Andante drums. Suitable for the reactor range and Andante tenor & bass ..

6,67€ H.T : 6,67€

Andante Torque Limiter Key Out Of Stock

Andante Torque Limiter Key

Torque limiter drum key from Andante, pre-set to give the optimum pitch from your Cortec head on ..

107,25€ H.T : 107,25€

Pearl High Tension Drum Key

Chrome plated Pearl High Tension Drum Key, fits all standard Bass and Tenor Drums and other high-ten..

10,00€ H.T : 10,00€

Premier High Tension Drum Key Out Of Stock

Premier High Tension Drum Key

Drum key specifically designed for the Premier ranger of high tension drums. ..

7,50€ H.T : 7,50€

AHEAD Custom Moulded Ear Plugs

With this innovative new product, it takes just 10 minutes to create your very own custom molded ..

20,83€ H.T : 20,83€

Moulded Ear Plug Lanyards

Designed to be used with the AHEAD customer moulded ear plugs. ..

8,33€ H.T : 8,33€

QT20 Ear Protection

Bagpipes and snare drums reach a sound level of 110-120 decibels therefore it is very important t..

8,33€ H.T : 8,33€