Practice Pads

Practice Pads

DrummingMad Startpad

DrummingMad Startpad.The top-quality and cost effective solution for every beginner snare drumm..

14,58€ H.T : 14,58€

David Farquhar Standard Practice Pad

A nine inch square (23cm), two-sided practice pad, manufactured to a high standard by Farquhar Drumm..

20,83€ H.T : 20,83€

Andante Practice Pad

Uses a highly responsive rubber, mounted on a wooden base to ensure a great sound whether played on ..

20,83€ H.T : 20,83€

The Hugh Cameron Practice Pad

The award winner Hugh Cameron's Regular Practice Pad. Soft design to give full bounce and a clear, c..

32,92€ H.T : 32,92€