MaxiStick Blowpipe

The MaxiStick is a precision made blowpipe available in a range of sizes from 8 inches to 12 inch..

45,83€ H.T : 45,83€

AdjustiStick Blowpipe

The AdjustiStick is a precision made blowpipe that extends from 8 inches to 12 inches allowing th..

54,17€ H.T : 54,17€

FlexiStick Blowpipe

The FlexiStick is a precision made blowpipe designed to achieve the optimum position of the blowp..

60,00€ H.T : 60,00€

Plastic Bagpipe Mouthpiece

Made from Delrin this mouthpiece is available in sizes 3.5in, 4.5in and 5.5in. It is suitable for..

10,00€ H.T : 10,00€

Rubber Blowpipe Valves

Pack of 6 Rubber Blowpipe Valves. The classic "clack" Valve. A proper seal on the blowpipe is a g..

10,00€ H.T : 10,00€

Integral Blowpipe Valve

Pack of 6 white rubber integral blowpipe valve suitable for the Twist-Trap Practice Pipes and our..

10,00€ H.T : 10,00€

Mouthpiece Protector

Mouthpiece Protectors Pack of 2. Run under hot water before stretching over the top of your b..

2,00€ H.T : 2,00€